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Hannah Jin

Software Engineer, Computer Software

Ciao, I'm Hannah Jin and I love making an impact using my computer skills.

Hannah Jin's Bio:

Hannah Jin is a second year computer science and engineering student at UCLA. Her strong passion for CS is cultivated through interesting projects and self-study. She has acquired solid knowledge of data structures and object orientated programming by working on a variety of programs such as game design and fundamental search engine implementation. Now she is learning web design and getting hands-on experience from her part-time job at UCLA IT Department. She dedicates more than two hours a week, on average, to provide free tutoring on STEM classes for other students. In addition to being a SEASMentor offering guidance and counsel for new students, Hannah is a board member of Uzi Charity Fund, an international nonprofit organization. Her accomplishments include improving education and information access for students in rural China, coordinating and attracting partnerships to outreach programs, as well as motivating and mentoring local students and team members to excel at what they do. She is keenly aware of the gender imbalance in engineering related fields and decision making levels. By virtue of her all-girls alma mater Miss Hall’s School, she believes that women should help each other overcome stereotype shackles and realize their full potentials in society. She constantly seeks a seat at the table and aspires to have her voice heard in co-ed environments throughout her academic and extra-curriculum activities. In her free time, Hannah likes doing side projects and playing tennis and other outdoor sports. She also invests a lot of her energy experimenting with different recipes and cuisines from all over the world.

Hannah Jin's Experience:

  • Web Content Strategy Team Assistant at UCLA IT Department

    Developing an IMS Web Design Guide for internal users using a disability-friendly layout; Remodeling web content system from Vignette to Plone; Collaborating with project manager, content analyst and other programmers on web projects

  • Layout Designer at BruinLife

    Developing layout designs for six sections of the yearbook, containing over five hundred pages in color; Collaborating with editing staff on updates, topics, and ideas; Assisting customers on the phone and volunteering for marketing activities

  • Board member / U.S. Director at Uzi International Volunteers

    Coordinating annual summer educational outreach program; Recruit new members; Collaborating with leadership team to address issues from the team members; Launch successful long-term working relationships with other organizations and sponsors

Hannah Jin's Education:

  • University of California, Los Angeles

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
    Concentration: Computer Science and Engineering
    Activities: TBP National Engineering Honor Society UPE Computer Science Honor Society HKN Electrical Engineering Honor Society
  • Miss Hall's School

    Activities: Varsity Tennis Team - Captain; Debate Club - Co-Founder & Co-President; Proctor (residential assistant); Big Sister (new student transition program)

Hannah Jin's Interests & Activities:

Programming, Card Games, Philanthropic work, Tennis, Culinary Arts, and Fashion.

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